Source code for stellar_sdk.call_builder.call_builder_sync.root_call_builder

from ...call_builder.base import BaseRootCallBuilder
from ...call_builder.call_builder_sync.base_call_builder import BaseCallBuilder
from ...client.base_sync_client import BaseSyncClient

__all__ = ["RootCallBuilder"]

[docs] class RootCallBuilder(BaseCallBuilder, BaseRootCallBuilder): """Creates a new :class:`RootCallBuilder` pointed to server defined by horizon_url. Do not create this object directly, use :func:`stellar_sdk.Server.root`. :param horizon_url: Horizon server URL. :param client: The client instance used to send request. """ def __init__(self, horizon_url: str, client: BaseSyncClient) -> None: super().__init__(horizon_url=horizon_url, client=client)
[docs] def stream( self, ): """This endpoint does not support streaming.""" raise NotImplementedError("Streaming is not supported.")