Stellar Python SDK

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py-stellar-base is a Python library for communicating with a Stellar Horizon server and Soroban-RPC server. It is used for building Stellar apps on Python. It supports Python 3.8+ as well as PyPy 3.8+.

It provides:

  • a networking layer API for Horizon endpoints.

  • a networking layer API for Soroban-RPC server methods.

  • facilities for building and signing transactions, for communicating with a Stellar Horizon and Soroban-RPC instance, and for submitting transactions or querying network history.


At the absolute basics, you’ll want to read up on Stellar’s Documentation Guides, as it contains a lot of information on the concepts used below (Transactions, Payments, Operations, KeyPairs, etc.).

API Documentation

Here you’ll find detailed documentation on specific functions, classes, and methods.


stellar-model allows you to parse the JSON returned by Stellar Horizon into the Python models, click here for more information.


This document is based on Stellar JavaScript SDK documentation. Thank you to all the people who have already contributed to Stellar ecosystem!