Source code for stellar_sdk.operation.operation

from abc import ABCMeta, abstractmethod
from decimal import Decimal
from typing import Optional, Union

from .. import xdr as stellar_xdr
from ..muxed_account import MuxedAccount
from ..xdr import utils as xdr_utils

__all__ = ["Operation"]

[docs]class Operation(metaclass=ABCMeta): """The :class:`Operation` object, which represents an operation on Stellar's network. An operation is an individual command that mutates Stellar's ledger. It is typically rolled up into a transaction (a transaction is a list of operations with additional metadata). Operations are executed on behalf of the source account specified in the transaction, unless there is an override defined for the operation. For more on operations, see `Stellar's documentation on operations <>`_ as well as `Stellar's List of Operations <>`_, which includes information such as the security necessary for a given operation, as well as information about when validity checks occur on the network. The :class:`Operation` class is typically not used, but rather one of its subclasses is typically included in transactions. :param source: The source account for the payment. Defaults to the transaction's source account. """ def __init__(self, source: Optional[Union[MuxedAccount, str]] = None) -> None: if isinstance(source, str): source = MuxedAccount.from_account(source) self.source: Optional[MuxedAccount] = source @property @abstractmethod def _XDR_OPERATION_TYPE(self) -> stellar_xdr.OperationType: pass # pragma: no cover
[docs] @staticmethod def to_xdr_amount(value: Union[str, Decimal]) -> int: """Converts an amount to the appropriate value to send over the network as a part of an XDR object. Each asset amount is encoded as a signed 64-bit integer in the XDR structures. An asset amount unit (that which is seen by end users) is scaled down by a factor of ten million (10,000,000) to arrive at the native 64-bit integer representation. For example, the integer amount value 25,123,456 equals 2.5123456 units of the asset. This scaling allows for seven decimal places of precision in human-friendly amount units. This static method correctly multiplies the value by the scaling factor in order to come to the integer value used in XDR structures. See `Stellar's documentation on Asset Precision <>`_ for more information. :param value: The amount to convert to an integer for XDR serialization. """ return xdr_utils.to_xdr_amount(value)
[docs] @staticmethod def from_xdr_amount(value: int) -> str: """Converts an str amount from an XDR amount object :param value: The amount to convert to a string from an XDR int64 amount. """ return xdr_utils.from_xdr_amount(value)
@abstractmethod def _to_operation_body(self) -> stellar_xdr.OperationBody: pass # pragma: no cover
[docs] def to_xdr_object(self) -> stellar_xdr.Operation: """Creates an XDR Operation object that represents this :class:`Operation`. """ source_account = None if self.source: source_account = self.source.to_xdr_object() return stellar_xdr.Operation(source_account, self._to_operation_body())
[docs] @classmethod def from_xdr_object(cls, xdr_object: stellar_xdr.Operation) -> "Operation": """Create the appropriate :class:`Operation` subclass from the XDR object. :param xdr_object: The XDR object to create an :class:`Operation` (or subclass) instance from. """ for sub_cls in cls.__subclasses__(): if sub_cls._XDR_OPERATION_TYPE == xdr_object.body.type: return sub_cls.from_xdr_object(xdr_object) raise NotImplementedError( f"Operation of type={xdr_object.body.type} is not implemented." )
[docs] @staticmethod def get_source_from_xdr_obj( xdr_object: stellar_xdr.Operation, ) -> Optional[MuxedAccount]: """Get the source account from account the operation xdr object. :param xdr_object: the operation xdr object. :return: The source account from account the operation xdr object. """ if xdr_object.source_account: return MuxedAccount.from_xdr_object(xdr_object.source_account) return None
def __eq__(self, other: object) -> bool: if not isinstance(other, self.__class__): return NotImplemented # pragma: no cover return self.to_xdr_object() == other.to_xdr_object()