Source code for stellar_sdk.operation.manage_buy_offer

from decimal import Decimal
from typing import Optional, Union

from .. import xdr as stellar_xdr
from ..asset import Asset
from ..muxed_account import MuxedAccount
from ..price import Price
from .operation import Operation
from .utils import check_amount, check_price

__all__ = ["ManageBuyOffer"]

[docs]class ManageBuyOffer(Operation): """The :class:`ManageBuyOffer` object, which represents a ManageBuyOffer operation on Stellar's network. Creates, updates, or deletes an buy offer. If you want to create a new offer set Offer ID to 0. If you want to update an existing offer set Offer ID to existing offer ID. If you want to delete an existing offer set Offer ID to existing offer ID and set Amount to 0. Threshold: Medium :param selling: What you're selling. :param buying: What you're buying. :param amount: Amount being bought. if set to 0, delete the offer. :param price: Price of thing being bought in terms of what you are selling. :param offer_id: If `0`, will create a new offer (default). Otherwise, edits an existing offer. :param source: The source account (defaults to transaction source). """ _XDR_OPERATION_TYPE: stellar_xdr.OperationType = ( stellar_xdr.OperationType.MANAGE_BUY_OFFER ) def __init__( self, selling: Asset, buying: Asset, amount: Union[str, Decimal], price: Union[Price, str, Decimal], offer_id: int = 0, source: Optional[Union[MuxedAccount, str]] = None, ) -> None: super().__init__(source) check_amount(amount) check_price(price) self.selling: Asset = selling self.buying: Asset = buying self.amount: Union[str, Decimal] = amount self.price: Union[Price, str, Decimal] = price self.offer_id: int = offer_id def _to_operation_body(self) -> stellar_xdr.OperationBody: selling = self.selling.to_xdr_object() buying = self.buying.to_xdr_object() if isinstance(self.price, Price): price_fraction = self.price else: price_fraction = Price.from_raw_price(self.price) price = price_fraction.to_xdr_object() amount = stellar_xdr.Int64(Operation.to_xdr_amount(self.amount)) manage_buy_offer_op = stellar_xdr.ManageBuyOfferOp( selling, buying, amount, price, stellar_xdr.Int64(self.offer_id) ) body = stellar_xdr.OperationBody( type=self._XDR_OPERATION_TYPE, manage_buy_offer_op=manage_buy_offer_op ) return body
[docs] @classmethod def from_xdr_object(cls, xdr_object: stellar_xdr.Operation) -> "ManageBuyOffer": """Creates a :class:`ManageBuyOffer` object from an XDR Operation object.""" source = Operation.get_source_from_xdr_obj(xdr_object) assert xdr_object.body.manage_buy_offer_op is not None selling = Asset.from_xdr_object(xdr_object.body.manage_buy_offer_op.selling) buying = Asset.from_xdr_object(xdr_object.body.manage_buy_offer_op.buying) amount = Operation.from_xdr_amount( xdr_object.body.manage_buy_offer_op.buy_amount.int64 ) price = Price.from_xdr_object(xdr_object.body.manage_buy_offer_op.price) offer_id = xdr_object.body.manage_buy_offer_op.offer_id.int64 op = cls( source=source, selling=selling, buying=buying, amount=amount, price=price, offer_id=offer_id, ) return op
def __str__(self): return ( f"<ManageBuyOffer [selling={self.selling}, buying={self.buying}, " f"amount={self.amount}, price={self.price}, offer_id={self.offer_id}, source={self.source}]>" )