Source code for stellar_sdk.operation.bump_sequence

from .operation import Operation
from .. import xdr as stellar_xdr

[docs]class BumpSequence(Operation): """The :class:`BumpSequence` object, which represents a BumpSequence operation on Stellar's network. Bump sequence allows to bump forward the sequence number of the source account of the operation, allowing to invalidate any transactions with a smaller sequence number. If the specified bumpTo sequence number is greater than the source account’s sequence number, the account’s sequence number is updated with that value, otherwise it’s not modified. Threshold: Low :param bump_to: Sequence number to bump to. :param source: The optional source account. """ _XDR_OPERATION_TYPE: stellar_xdr.OperationType = stellar_xdr.OperationType.BUMP_SEQUENCE def __init__(self, bump_to: int, source: str = None) -> None: super().__init__(source) self.bump_to: int = bump_to def _to_operation_body(self) -> stellar_xdr.OperationBody: sequence = stellar_xdr.SequenceNumber(stellar_xdr.Int64(self.bump_to)) bump_sequence_op = stellar_xdr.BumpSequenceOp(sequence) body = stellar_xdr.OperationBody( type=self._XDR_OPERATION_TYPE, bump_sequence_op=bump_sequence_op ) return body
[docs] @classmethod def from_xdr_object(cls, xdr_object: stellar_xdr.Operation) -> "BumpSequence": """Creates a :class:`BumpSequence` object from an XDR Operation object. """ source = Operation.get_source_from_xdr_obj(xdr_object) assert xdr_object.body.bump_sequence_op is not None bump_to = xdr_object.body.bump_sequence_op.bump_to.sequence_number.int64 op = cls(source=source, bump_to=bump_to) op._source_muxed = Operation.get_source_muxed_from_xdr_obj(xdr_object) return op
def __str__(self): return f"<BumpSequence [bump_to={self.bump_to}, source={self.source}]>"