Source code for stellar_sdk.sep.stellar_toml

SEP: 0001
Title: stellar.toml
Status: Active
Created: 2017-10-30
Updated: 2019-06-12
Version: 2.1.0
from typing import Union, Dict, Any, Coroutine

import toml

from .exceptions import StellarTomlNotFoundError
from ..client.base_async_client import BaseAsyncClient
from ..client.base_sync_client import BaseSyncClient
from ..client.requests_client import RequestsClient
from ..client.response import Response

[docs]def fetch_stellar_toml( domain: str, client: Union[BaseAsyncClient, BaseSyncClient] = None, use_http: bool = False, ) -> Union[Coroutine[Any, Any, Dict[str, Any]], Dict[str, Any]]: """Retrieve the stellar.toml file from a given domain. Retrieve the stellar.toml file for information about interacting with Stellar's federation protocol for a given Stellar Anchor (specified by a domain). :param domain: The domain the .toml file is hosted at. :param use_http: Specifies whether the request should go over plain HTTP vs HTTPS. Note it is recommend that you *always* use HTTPS. :param client: Http Client used to send the request. :return: The stellar.toml file as a an object via :func:`toml.loads`. :raises: :exc:`StellarTomlNotFoundError <stellar_sdk.sep.exceptions.StellarTomlNotFoundError>`: if the Stellar toml file could not not be found. """ if not client: client = RequestsClient() toml_link = "/.well-known/stellar.toml" protocol = "https://" if use_http: protocol = "http://" url = protocol + domain + toml_link if isinstance(client, BaseAsyncClient): return __fetch_async(url, client) elif isinstance(client, BaseSyncClient): return __fetch_sync(url, client) else: raise TypeError( "This `client` class should be an instance " "of `stellar_sdk.client.base_async_client.BaseAsyncClient` " "or `stellar_sdk.client.base_sync_client.BaseSyncClient`." )
async def __fetch_async(url: str, client: BaseAsyncClient) -> Dict[str, Any]: raw_resp = await client.get(url) return __handle_raw_response(raw_resp) def __fetch_sync(url: str, client: BaseSyncClient) -> Dict[str, Any]: raw_resp = client.get(url) return __handle_raw_response(raw_resp) def __handle_raw_response(raw_resp: Response) -> Dict[str, Any]: if raw_resp.status_code == 404: raise StellarTomlNotFoundError resp = raw_resp.text return toml.loads(resp)