Source code for stellar_sdk.operation.path_payment

import warnings
from decimal import Decimal
from typing import List, Union

from .path_payment_strict_receive import PathPaymentStrictReceive
from ..asset import Asset

[docs]class PathPayment(PathPaymentStrictReceive): """The :class:`PathPayment` object, which represents a PathPayment operation on Stellar's network. Sends an amount in a specific asset to a destination account through a path of offers. This allows the asset sent (e.g. 450 XLM) to be different from the asset received (e.g. 6 BTC). Threshold: Medium :param destination: The destination account to send to. :param send_asset: The asset to pay with. :param send_max: The maximum amount of send_asset to send. :param dest_asset: The asset the destination will receive. :param dest_amount: The amount the destination receives. :param path: A list of Asset objects to use as the path. :param source: The source account for the payment. Defaults to the transaction's source account. """ def __init__( self, destination: str, send_asset: Asset, send_max: Union[str, Decimal], dest_asset: Asset, dest_amount: Union[str, Decimal], path: List[Asset], source: str = None, ) -> None: warnings.warn( "Will be removed in version v3.0.0, " "use stellar_sdk.operation.PathPaymentStrictReceive", DeprecationWarning, ) super().__init__( destination, send_asset, send_max, dest_asset, dest_amount, path, source )