Source code for stellar_sdk.operation.manage_data

from typing import Union

from .operation import Operation
from ..exceptions import ValueError
from ..utils import pack_xdr_array, unpack_xdr_array
from ..xdr import Xdr

[docs]class ManageData(Operation): """The :class:`ManageData` object, which represents a ManageData operation on Stellar's network. Allows you to set, modify or delete a Data Entry (name/value pair) that is attached to a particular account. An account can have an arbitrary amount of DataEntries attached to it. Each DataEntry increases the minimum balance needed to be held by the account. DataEntries can be used for application specific things. They are not used by the core Stellar protocol. Threshold: Medium :param data_name: The name of the data entry. :param data_value: The value of the data entry. :param source: The optional source account. """ def __init__( self, data_name: str, data_value: Union[str, bytes, None], source: str = None, ) -> None: # TODO: bytes only? super().__init__(source) self.data_name: str = data_name if isinstance(data_value, str): data_value = data_value.encode() self.data_value: Union[str, bytes, None] = data_value valid_data_name_len = len(self.data_name) <= 64 valid_data_val_len = self.data_value is None or len(self.data_value) <= 64 if not valid_data_name_len or not valid_data_val_len: raise ValueError("Data and value should be <= 64 bytes (ascii encoded).") @classmethod def type_code(cls) -> int: return Xdr.const.MANAGE_DATA def _to_operation_body(self) -> Xdr.nullclass: data_name = bytes(self.data_name, encoding="utf-8") data_value = pack_xdr_array(self.data_value) manage_data_op = Xdr.types.ManageDataOp(data_name, data_value) body = Xdr.nullclass() body.type = Xdr.const.MANAGE_DATA body.manageDataOp = manage_data_op return body
[docs] @classmethod def from_xdr_object(cls, operation_xdr_object: Xdr.types.Operation) -> "ManageData": """Creates a :class:`ManageData` object from an XDR Operation object. """ source = Operation.get_source_from_xdr_obj(operation_xdr_object) data_name = operation_xdr_object.body.manageDataOp.dataName.decode() data_value = unpack_xdr_array(operation_xdr_object.body.manageDataOp.dataValue) op = cls(data_name=data_name, data_value=data_value, source=source) op._source_muxed = Operation.get_source_muxed_from_xdr_obj(operation_xdr_object) return op